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Iran Center for Management Studies


The pace of changes and development of Technology and information in recent decade has gained such a tremendous acceleration that keeping in touch with its progress without the utilization of adequate measures and tools, would be extremely difficult, if not impossible; In this respect the evolution of management science needs essential consideration, According to these changes it seems that the most challenges to leaders and mangers of 21st century is to formulate how to improve the efficiency and productivity of management.


ICMS was established in 1971, as affiliate of Harvard University in Iran. It has grown from a small cluster of buildings in north of Tehran into the most prestigious graduate school in the country: After Islamic Revolution In Iran all Independent Centers and schools in Human Science were merged together and Called University of "ALLAMEH TABATABAEE". After twenty years, on may 2001 based on permission of Iran's Ministry of Science Research and technology the ICMS was reestablished.
Which is an NGO & non-profit organization.


Development and Training of scientifically based and efficient management and carrying out research and consultancy in the field of Management Sciences.


- Development of Research in the field of Management.
- Evaluation and assessment of research in the field of management requirements.
- Carry out Research Projects, Fundamentals, Application and Development.
- Publication of articles in the field of Management and its new findings.
- Organizing scientific conferences related to the activity of the center.
- Establishment of Center of Managers with the aim of gathering and documentation of the valuable experience of Iranís managers.
- TO organize and Run MBA and DBA Courses.

Research Activities:

Iran Center for Management Studies (ICMS) with utilization of its technical team, who are experienced University lecturers and Industry Managers, announce its readiness in carrying out research projects and provide its services to its clients in the filed of management.

Main Research Fields of this center are as follows:

- Design of new organizational charts in view of local and International changes.
- Management and Development of Technology.
- Management and Development of Human Resources.
- Re Engineering
- Evaluation, design and modification of existing systems.
- Management and Reorganization in the field of Finance.
- Strategic Planning.

- Management and engineering of Quality and Productivity.
- Management and control of Project.
- Information technology management.
- Technology management.

Training Activity:

This department plans and aims at the expansion of professional managers in the organizations, companies and Institutions of the country. Training courses and seminars will be held with up to date subjects in the field of management and specialties related to it.
These are carried out as short / Medium or Long Term basis courses in the ICMS office or in the venue of interest to the client.